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Terms & Conditions

1.    PHM Rewards+ is the name of the loyalty program (the Program) handling customer loyalty transaction for all participating hotels managed by PHM Hotels. The program enables its members (the Members) to enjoy benefits when staying at all hotels of PHM Hotels.
2.    Adjustment: Credit points following a complaint by a Member or an error in the Program.
3.    Check in: date of arrival at the hotel.
4.    Check out: date of departure from the hotel.
5.    Customer: person making an overnight stay in a PHM Hotels who is not a Member of the Program.
6.    Day use: booking a hotel room for daytime only (arrival & departure the same day).
7.    Member: customer who has accepted the General Conditions of the Program.
8.    Membership tiers: the level of the membership which assigned to each active Member.
9.    Partner: a Company external to the PHM Hotels and participating in the Program in two following ways: by accepting PHM Rewards+ vouchers for purchases within its network and by giving special offers of Partner’s product for the active Member - the special offer is applicable for all membership tiers.
10. Point: unit generated by a Member, in accordance with a set scale, as a result of a stay in a hotel participating in the Program. Every Rp 5,000,- transaction at room stay by a Member, will entitle 1 point. Every 1 point has its own value. 1 point is equal to Rp 50,- and treated as cost per point.
11. Bonus Point: several amount of points awarded to the Member for special occasions such as birthday gift, etc. Amount of points awarded shall be determined by PHM Hotels. All cost of bonus points will be bare by PHM Hotels using the standard ‘cost per point’ accumulation calculation. Bonus point validity is lifetime for all Membership Tiers.
12. Rewards Redemption: any services or products obtained using Points accumulated on the Member’s account.
13. Status: membership level determining how many Points are earned and the benefits received at a hotel and that is determined by the number of overnight stays or the number of Points earned by a Member in a given period.
14. Transaction: crediting or debiting point(s) to/from a Member’s account.
15. Membership Web Portal: Members that already activate their account also able to login at to view their points balance, transactions history, to claim missing points, to view redemptions history and update their data profile. This web address is printed on the back of each Loyalty card.
16. Online Reservation Merchant: It is a secure, web-based booking engine for Members and non-members to make real-time reservations that can be accessed at
General Rules
1.    PHM Rewards+ Membership e-card remains the property of PHM Hotels.
2.    Whenever there is a change of personal particulars, it is the Member's sole responsibility to update their membership record in the PHM Rewards+ Members' Portal or inform PHM Rewards+ Customer Service in writing.
3.    The safe keep of the Reward Certificates is the sole responsibility of the member. There shall be no replacement of reward certificates.  
4.    The PHM Hotels reserves the right to correct any Member statements or Point accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
5.    PHM Hotels reserves the right to amend the rules, restrictions, program benefits, and special offers without notice. PHM Hotels reserves the right to terminate the PHM Rewards+ program at any time.
6.    Earnings of PHM Rewards+ Points and redemption of Rewards are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
7.    Members points transferred are not allowed for all membership tiers.
8.    Fraud or abuse concerning PHM Rewards+ or Reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by the Hotel and PHM Hotels.
9.    PHM Rewards+ Loyalty Program is a program operated by PHM Hotels and its participating hotels.
Hotels Participating in the Program
1.    The hotels participating in the Program are hotels operating under PHM Hotels including THE HAVEN Hotels & Resorts, THE 1O1 Hotels & Resorts, 1O1 URBAN Hotels, FRii Hotels and PHM Collection Hotels & Resorts which are part of the Program.
2.    When a hotel leaves the PHM Hotels network or ceases to be a participant, after booking but before the stay, the Member will not earn any Points, the Member will not able to enjoy any other benefits at the hotel (including the use of PHM Rewards+ e-vouchers and e-gift). Special offers will no longer be valid after the date on which the hotel leaves the network or terminates its participation, even if the booking was made prior to this date.
Joining The Program
1.    Membership Definition
o   Any individual can participate in the Program. Minors (under 18 years old) cannot participate in the Program.
o   Membership in the Program is free.
o   The membership card is strictly personal; it cannot be sold, lent or assigned.
o   Each e-card mentions the Member’s name, the individual identification number the membership tiers and the membership enrollment date. Each Member may hold only one PHM Rewards+ card.
o   The card can only be used by the Member whose name appears on the card.
o   The Member should not disclose their account password to anyone.
o   To join the Program, a valid, individual email address is required. Two Members may not share the same email address.
o   By becoming a Member of the Program, Members agree to receive electronic communications relating to the operation and services offered by the Program (including information messages, monthly points statements, and information regarding the operation of the PHM Rewards+ sent by the PHM Hotels). If the Customer no longer wishes to receive the information inherent to the management of the Program, he will have to ask to be removed from the Program (see the procedure described in Article 13).
o   Members of the Program accept that the Program may be modified in whole or in part at any time and without prior notice. Terms & Conditions of Joining the Program.
2.    The Customer may join the Program:
o   When staying at one of the hotels participating in the Program; by registering online at the and each hotel brands website; via PHM telephone reservations center; – or by any other means that may be made available to the Customer.
o   The Customer shall provide whatever details are required and obligatory for membership (sure name, given name, valid email address at the time of application for membership, postal address, telephone number and language of communication).
o   The new Member shall accept the Program’s General Conditions of Use online.
o   They will then get benefits from all the services of the Program: including access to the Membership Web Portal functions (access to Rewards, Redemption history, Transaction history, Report Missing Points, checking their account, etc.) and recognition across all PHM Hotels group websites and call centers when booking.
3.    Becoming a Member
o   System auto-enrollment: Customers that have a valid email address will automatically enrolled by PHM Rewards+ Merchant Web Portal every 7.00 AM (GMT +7) (after the night audit finished) where the enrollment time is 24 hour after the Customer check out. Customers have their options to activate their membership or not. Invalid email address shall not able to be enrolled automatically.
o   Online Enrollment: Customers are able to sign up via online for the Program membership through Membership Web Portal, PHM Hotels Mobile App platform and Websites such as,,, and Registration confirmation of the membership is real-time without hotel’s approval.
o   Data Personalization: The member account is strictly personal. it is created and used under the Member's sole and entire responsibility. The member account may not under any circumstances share their membership account with other members. Use of the personal account enables members to:
§  View their account balance, their transaction history and their status.
§  Be recognized on the website and mobile services.
§  View their reservation history and modify their current reservations, if necessary.
§  Subscribe to PHM Hotels and PHM Rewards+ newsletters, and view their subscriptions status.
§  Access personalized offers and services.
Using the Member Card
The Member must present the card number each time they request the benefit services and make reservation and/or present the e-card on arrival at the hotel to receive the benefits of membership. The benefits of the Program are subject to these requirements:

  • By default, PHM Rewards+ only provides the digital version of member card that can be viewed on mobile services such as Membership Web Portal accessed through mobile browser once member logged in to their account.

The Member cards are pre-activated and ready to use at the time of Member activates their account.

Member Eligibility & Entitlement
Members entitlement and benefits determined with the membership tier levels. PHM Rewards+ has 2 tiers of membership: Silver and Gold with the following benefits:

Membership Level Silver   Gold

Qualifying Points*

0 - 4,999


5,000 >

Qualifying Estimated Transaction (IDR)

0 - 19,999,999


25,000,000 >

Express Check In



Express Check Out



Minimum Discount on Food & Beverage




Minimum Discount on Spa Treatment




Additional Discount on Room Reservation (for online reservation only at**




Exclusive Member-Only Offers


Earns Points for room stay transactions within all participating hotels


User your points for room stay transanctions within all participating hotels


Late check out untill 4.00 PM***



Surprise Bonus Points



Free selection of a dessert every purchase of Rp 150,000 within all participating hotels outlets



Free room upgrade to the next level category upon arrival***



* Qualifying points are calculated based on IDR 5,000 per 1 point.
** Member must log in with their membership account through to get the member discounts.
*** Subject to availability.
1. Membership Validity, Upgrade and Downgrade
o Any individual can participate in the Program. Minors (under 18 years old) cannot participate in the Program.
o Membership in the Program is free.
o The membership card is strictly personal; it cannot be sold, lent or assigned.
o Member validity is lifetime, no renewal of membership will require.
o Member is upgraded/downgraded automatically by the system, the membership level check of each member for upgrade/downgrade is processed in daily and automatically by the system.
o Upgrade: Member accumulation cycle is 2 years from their join date, member should earn points and upgrade to higher membership level within the years. After 2 years from join date, they will start the new cycle and start over to earn points and upgrade.
o Downgrade: Member can keep their membership level for 2 years since the latest upgrade. After 2 years, if they are not earning enough point to keep their tier (see article 6), they will be downgraded to the lowest level (“Silver”) based on their production.
2. Eligible Distribution Channel
o Are eligible: only for stays booked via Online Reservation Merchant and direct reservations (phone call, email, and walk-in) guests who show their membership or e-card.
o All hotels site are linked to the Online Reservation Merchant.
o Are not eligible: stays booked via a reseller, wholesaler, corporate, government, group, travel agent, tour operator or an online third party travel agent (such as Agoda,,, Traveloka etc.) Such stays will not entitle the Customer to earn Points.
3. Eligible Rates: Eligible rates entitle the Member to benefit from the Program. Eligible rates are standard internet rates and internet promotional rates.
4. Eligible Expenditure
o Eligible expenditure is the one set by the Member:
Accommodation’s expenditure of the Member and another room in the same hotel on the same date, provided the Member stays in one of said rooms;
When a Member makes an eligible stay in one of the Participating Hotels in the Program, including at least one paid night actually used at the hotel by the Member, their account is credited with points.
The basis for calculation of points is the total amount of the eligible expenditure invoice excluding tax and service charge. This invoice must be paid at the hotel, i.e. the payment must be accepted and confirmed.
o The following expenditure is not eligible for earning Points:
o Extras (even if paid for at the hotel) that are part of a non-eligible stay;
o Taxes (VAT in particular), tips, taxi journeys, transfers from or to the hotel, service charges and other applicable charges;
o Disbursements;
o Expenditure incurred when organizing a company seminar, a banquet or any other event, including private events, paid for globally by the Member (with the exception of the Meeting Planner promotional offer);
o The services associated with the accommodation, i.e. minibar, room service, meals, any Food & Beverages consumptions, transfer and spa treatment taken by the Member in the hotel restaurant and the hotel bar during Member’s stay;
o Expenditure associated with treatment and massage services provided at a spa center connected to the hotel;
o All other expenditure paid, such as business center, telephone, parking, laundry charges, hotel shop purchases, spa products, hairdresser and beauty salon products and services;
o All charges and expenditure not specifically mentioned as eligible expenditure.
Earning Points
1. Member shall earn 1 point per IDR 5,000 spend in the Participating Hotels.
2. The points are based from qualifying room rates in participating hotels. Service charges, taxes, and other incidental charges are not eligible for point’s issuance.
3. Automatic points issuance to Members are based on registered email address in PHM Rewards+ and email address recorded in PMS system.
4. Members who are missing their points from their recent stays allowed to request claim and must notify the PHM Rewards+ Customer Services within 30 days of the check-out date. Claim request only accepted through Membership Web Portal, using menu Report Missing Points. Failure to notify the PHM Rewards+ Customer Service will result to non-credit of the relevant points. Any points claim must be requested by the Member that stays in the related Participating Hotels. If the Member information is incorrectly provided, Program Administrator shall refused the points claim credit.
5. If a Member discovers that their points have not been correctly credited within a minimum period of 7 days from their stay at a Participating Hotel, member may ask for the balance to be adjusted within 6 months following this stay (check-out date as proof).
6. PHM Rewards+ points are credited to members as long as they book with their account; to ensure members earn the point, email address registered during stay should be member’s their email address.
7. Points will be credited to member’s account within maximum 48 hours after check out date and time from the Participating Hotels.
8. A Customer must have been enrolled as a PHM Rewards+ member at the time of reservation made and before stay in order to earn points.
9. Cash + Point transaction made at Online Reservation Merchant are allowed to earn point from the whole amount of confirmed reservation charges.
10. Points are valid within two (2) years or twenty-four (24) months from date of point issuance.
11. Member can use the earned points for transaction within all Participating Hotels as long as the points already credited to Member account.
12. Invoices paid in local currency, outside Indonesia country will be converted into IDR. The exchange rate applied by the hotel at the time of Checkout is taken from the governed Bank Indonesia.
13. Points may only be credited as whole numbers. If the IDR/Points conversion applied results in a number with decimal figures, the number of Points credited will be the whole number immediately below if the decimal is less than 5 and the whole number immediately above if the decimal is 5 or above.
Redeeming for Rewards
1. Members may redeem the offered rewards by using their points only via online site at and hotel’s site. In addition to Members' user IDs and passwords, the Hotel reserves the right to seek other personal information for verification purposes.
2. Member may not perform any redemption on product service such as Food & Beverage and Spa if a Member is not staying in the Participating Hotel.
3. Upon redemption online, members shall collect their reward certificates for PHM Rewards+ products and services. Membership e-card or physical card needs to be presented in order to enjoy the membership privileges and/or discounts unless otherwise stated.
4. Cash + Point: Member is allowed to pay the reservation total by using their points and mixed with cash when making reservation at Online Reservation Merchant. There is no minimum point required per member. Cash payment will be collected by online payment gateway merchant and all transaction automatically processed by the system.
Payment Methods
1. Post-paid
o All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card which is valid on the day of arrival.
o The total amount of reservations will be paid at the hotel at the time of check-in by the guests.
2. Pre-paid
o The total amount of reservations will be paid directly at Online Reservation Merchant after the guests make a booking with Real-Time Online Transactions.
o All confirmed reservations processed with Real-Time Online Transactions are secured with online payment gateway and premium Secured Socket Layer 256-bit.
o Real-Time Online Transaction that supported by online payment gateway is via credit card, virtual bank transfer and payment via Alfa Group. Credit card merchant is supporting for International transaction. Virtual bank transfer and payment via Alfa Group only applicable for domestic bank account registered under Indonesian Government and Law.
Member Recognition
1. Member is required to present their Membership e-card to enjoy privileges and/or discounts in the Participating Hotels or with PHM Rewards+ participating partners. The Participating Hotels may request for additional identification ID card such as Passport or Driving License or KTP for verification purposes.
2. The privileges and/or discounts will be extended only to the Member whose name appears on the e-card. The e-card must be presented in order to enjoy the membership privileges and/or discounts unless otherwise stated.
Termination Procedures
1. At the Member Request
o A Member may decide at any time to withdraw from the Program. A Member may terminate his membership by sending an email stating that he wishes to terminate his membership of the Program, using the “My Feedback” menu in the Membership Web Portal website.
2. At the Program Administrator’s Request
o Any use of the PHM Rewards+ card that does not comply with these Standard Operation Procedure may be penalized by the immediate cancellation of the card and its benefits, account closure and deletion of all the Points accumulated, the Member having no entitlement to claim any compensation for any reason whatever.
3. Effect of Termination
o In all cases, the end of the membership means complete withdrawal from the Program and the definitive end of any relationship between the Program Administrator and the Member. This withdrawal also brings with it the deletion of all Points accumulated at the date of such termination.
Program Communications
1. The Member can access all information regarding their membership of the Program (including his Points balance and the operation of his client account) via Membership Web Portal website. By becoming a Member of the Program, they agree to receive electronic communications associated with the operation and services offered by the Program (information messages, monthly points statements, special member offers, etc).
2. If the Member no longer wishes to receive commercial communications by email, they may at any time unsubscribe from these commercial offers by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of these emails without affecting his membership removal.
3. If the Member no longer wishes to receive the information inherent to the management of the Program, they able to ask for removal from the Program (see the procedure described in Article 14.1).
Personal Data Protection
Collected Member data are processed by PT. Panorama Hospitality Management, whose registered office is at 6th Floor Panorama Building, Jl. Tomang Raya no. 63, Jakarta Indonesia 11440, as part of the administration and management of the Program (memberships, business rules and claims). This information is intended for PHM Hotels which is responsible for the Program administration and its commercial and contracting 3rd party partners. The Membership data is secured and protected as described in our Privacy Policy.